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  • Can I wear these Jewellery daily?
    YES. You can wear this jewellery daily.
  • How should I store and care & clean my jewellery?
    Most of the jewellery can be easily cleaned with dipping them into the mixer of baby shampoo and lukewarm water. Scrub them with your fingers to remove the dirt and then clean with the normal water. Dry your jewellery with soft cotton cloth and you get a clean, shiny jewellery. You can store your jewellery in your jewellery box or wrap it up into a cotton cloth. The cotton cloth helps the polish to stay for long. Just to keep in mind to not apply perfume on the jewellery as it may turn your jewelry black.
  • How long does it take to make a piece of jewellery?
    It takes about 5-6 working days to get the pieces fully ready and about 5-6 working days to get delivered.
  • How do you make changes in a particular design ?
    We have a CAD designer who makes the changes according to the choice of the customers. Once we get the customers approval with the changes, then we start making the designs in metal.
  • Can you customise the design according to my needs?
    YES. We can customise the designs all the designs according to your needs and requirements.
  • Why choose TAISHA DESIGNS ?
    We aim to provide you with non-ignorable designs with the best quality diamonds. Our motto is to make our customers happy by providing them jewellry according to their needs and wants. So by choosing TAISHA DESIGNS , you will not only get your favorite masterpiece, but also a budget friendly one, making you and your pockets enjoy a carefree happiness.
  • How are you different from others?
    It's rightly said, CUSTOMER IS THE KING. We religiously follow this path and have made you our KING. And uniqueness is our first priority.
  • Why are your product prices cheaper than others? ​
    We believe in giving you the best price that our product is worth. We want you to feel delighted and not worry about the budget.
  • Where is your Jewellery manufactured from?
    We reside and have our manufacturing unit in Rajasthan, India.
  • How is the packaging of the product?
    Before the final packaging, all the sanitation and hygiene processes are carried out. We want you to be healthy and hearty as always.
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